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Joander Santos Quartet – «One Night in Rio de Janeiro»

Brazilian jazz, rhythms of samba and bossa nova
Joander Santos Quartet – «One Night in Rio de Janeiro»
19:00 The Concert Hall
450-1000 RUB
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A graduate of Dr. Carlos de Campos Conservatory, Tatuí-SP, Joander Santos first came in contact with music as a child born to a family of singers and evangelical instrumentalists. At the age of eleven, he was already playing with the musical groups of the church.

By trial and error, he learned to play several instruments, including piano, drums, guitar, bass, harmonica and sweet flute. Seen as a musical prodigy of his home city, he ventured early into the world of music and art. Still a teenager, he was contributing to albums recorded by a number of regional artists and playing with different bands in a bunch of styles, including jazz, soul, blues, rock, reggae and Brazilian music. He was also performing as actor and composer with different theater groups.

Looking for deeper musical insight, he entered one of the major music schools in Latin America – Dr. Carlos de Campos Drama and Music Conservatory, Tatuí-SP. During his studies, he performed as a singer and guitarist with many projects ranging from big bands and jazz combos to theatrical companies. He also studied arrangement, composition, African-Brazilian rhythms and the history of Brazilian music.

After the Conservatory, he toured Egypt, Italy and Russia, delighted to be delivering Brazil's unique musical message to places far beyond the country’s borders. Joander continues composing his original music and developing his art in a bid to make this world a better place.


Brazilian jazz, samba, bossa nova, contemporary jazz


Joander Santos Quartet:

Joander Santos – vocals, guitar
Natalia Skvortsova – piano
Artyom Baskakov – bass guitar
Alexander Bozhenko – drums


Joander Santos - Manhã de Carnaval
Joander Santos - Bossa Nova Medley