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Samara Philharmonic Orchestra

Samara Philharmonic Orchestra

Artistic Director and Chief Conductor – Mikhail Shcherbakov

Conductor – Georgy Klementiev

The Samara Philharmonic Orchestra was founded in 1940. In March 1942 it took part in a historic event: the world premiere of Shostakovich’s Seventh Symphony, named «Leningrad», which was conducted by Samuil Samosud. A number of years later, the orchestra was bestowed the honour of premiering yet another Shostakovich symphony, this time the Twelfth.

Over the decades, all leading Russian conductors worked with the Samara Philharmonic Orchestra: M. Rostropovich, M. Pletnev, M. Paverman, K. Kondrashin, K. Eliasberg, A. Stasevich, N. Rakhlin, V. Dudarova, E. Svetlanov, Yu. Simonov and many others. Since 1991, People’s Artist of Russia Mikhail Shcherbakov has been serving as artistic director and chief conductor.

During the 75 years of its existence, the orchestra has participated in a great number of festivals and music events, including the concerts of the Academy of Russian Music’s «Russian Peredvizhniki», the cycle «Portraits of Contemporary Russian Composers», the international festivals «Five Evenings at the Piano» and «Young Stars of the 21st Century», an event that is unique in Russia and of which Mikhail Shcherbakov is artistic director.

Since 1993, the orchestra carries the honorary title «academic». In 2002, it won the orchestra competition organized by Radio Orfei and the Russian Ministry of Culture for the best interpretation of a symphonic piece. 

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